4 Ways to Boost your Book Release

Updated: Mar 6

Lots of authors release their first book, and it goes well! Friends buy. So do family. But then... *crickets* You thought that once your book was live, people would find it! Unfortunately, that's not how it works. In this post, we'll talk about the top 4 ways that you can make your next release count.

1. Don't rush your release

It can be tempting to release your book the moment you have the files in hand but DON'T DO IT. To get the visibility and sales you need, there needs to be a strategy behind everything you do so plan your release carefully.

2. Research many strategies

People ask me all the time how to promote their book, but the reality is that marketing has many pieces to the puzzle. There isn't one, magical strategy that will get you sales--each strategy works together to create a solid foundation for the book's success.

Start by mapping out a release plan. Determine what strategy you're going to implement, when, for how long, and what your expected goal is. Make sure you get it on paper! (...or a digital document) Check out our marketing templates if you don't know how to make a marketing plan yourself.

Writing out all that information will help your future launches because you'll be able to pinpoint what worked, what doesn't, what to tweak, and what to do again instead of reinventing the wheel with each book.

3. Find your audience

New authors have a tendency to join children's book groups and post their link there. The problem with that is...authors are NOT your target audience. Posting in those groups isn't worth your time and energy because it makes you look spammy and inexperienced, but it also is wasted time that could be spent marketing to the right people.

"But mom groups don't let me self promote!" Sure, many of them don't. Does that mean you should give up? There ARE groups out there that will let you, you just have to get creative to find them.

4. Make it personal

As much as it hurts to hear, strangers don't care about your book. They just don't. That's why you have to GIVE them a reason to care. Talk about why you wrote your book and what you hope readers get out of it. Those are the things people can relate to!

You wrote your story for a reason. Share it! It's way more powerful than, "buy-my-book-buy-my-book-buy-my-book"

Remember, people can't buy a book if they don't know it exists so you owe it to yourself and your story to put in the effort to learn to market.

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