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60+ Holidays You Can Use To Market Your Children's Book This Year

Updated: Jun 10

Looking for an excuse to post about your book on social media?

60 Lesser Known Book Holidays

To help you out in the coming year, here's a list of more than 60 holidays you can use to market your children’s books. From Library Shelfie Day to National Crayon Day, you’re sure to find some ideas here to boost your social media game.

So, get ready. Get set… and mark your calendar!

Here are the top offbeat holidays to promote your children’s book on social media!


  • 9th - Word Nerd Day

  • 13th - National Sticker Day - Order custom stickers featuring your characters.

  • 18th - Thesaurus Day

  • Fourth Wednesday in January: Library Shelfie Day #LibraryShelfie

February - National Library Lovers Month

  • The first week of February: Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week

  • 9th - Read in the Bathtub Day

  • 10th - Teddy Day -Take a photo of your book with your favorite Teddy and share it on social media. Ask your readers to share their photos too!

  • 14th - Library Lovers Day #LibraryLoversDay

  • 14th - International Book Giving Day #BookGivingDay

  • 14th - Read To Your Child Day

child holding crayons

March - National Reading Month; Small Press Month

  • 2nd - Read Across America Day (Dr. Seuss’s Birthday)

  • 6th-12th – Read an E-book Week - Free e-book promotion, anyone?

  • 14th - National Write Your Story Day

  • 14th - National Children's Craft Day - Create and share a craft connected to your book.

  • 19th - International Read To Me Day

  • 19th - Let's Laugh Day - perfect if you have a humorous book!

  • 31st - Crayon Day - Share the link to a free printable coloring sheet for your book!

April - D.E.A.R. Drop Everything And Read Month; School Library Month

  • 2nd - International Children’s Book Day

  • 4th - National School Librarian Day - Surprise your local school librarian with a free copy of your book!

  • Second Week of April: National Library Week

  • Week of the Young Child

  • 10th - Encourage a Young Writer Day

  • 12th - D.E.A.R. Drop Everything And Read Day

  • 15th - World Art Day - Make a post recognizing your favorite talented illustrator!

  • 16th - National Librarian Day

  • 23rd - World Book Night

  • 27th - National Tell A Story Day

  • Last Saturday in April - Independent Bookstore Day

May - National Get Caught Reading Month; National Family Reading Month

  • Second Week of May: Reading Is Fun Week

  • 2nd-8th - Children’s Book Week

  • 24th - Scavenger Hunt Day - Create a free downloadable scavenger hunt related to your book


  • Audiobook Appreciation Month

  • 2nd - National Donut Day - take a picture of your book with a box of your favorite donuts

  • 10th - National Ballpoint Pen Day - post a picture of yourself signing one of your books

Screen full of emojis

July - National Anti-Boredom Month

  • 1st - International Joke Day

  • 2nd - I Forgot Day - a great day to remind your followers to leave that review they've been meaning to write!

  • 8th - Be A Kid Again Day

  • 17th – World Emoji Day - Ask your followers to review your book by posting an emoji!

  • 30th - Paperback Book Day


  • 8th - The Date to Create - Share a behind-the-scenes look at your writing process.

  • 9th - National Book Lovers Day (also November 6)

September - National Library Card Signup Month

  • 6th - National Read A Book Day

  • 8th - International Literacy Day

October - National Book Month

  • Children's Magazine Month - If you've had work published in a children's magazine, this is a great day to share it again!

  • 6th - World Smile Day - post pictures of your smiling fans or yourself!

  • Third Week of October: Teen Read Week; Friends of Libraries Week

  • 16th - Dictionary Day

November - Picture Book Month

  • 1st – National Family Literacy Day

  • 1st – Author’s Day

  • 6th – Book Lovers Day (also August 9)

  • 8th – Young Readers Day

  • 15th – I Love to Write Day

  • First Saturday of November - Book Lovers Day

  • Third Full Week - National Young Readers Week

  • 18th - High Five a Librarian Day Sounds like a TikTok waiting to happen!

December - Read a New Book Month

  • 4th - National Cookie Day - Get custom cookies made to celebrate your book or main character.

  • 10th - Dewey Decimal System Day

Search for More Book Holidays!

Learn more about each holiday listed above, or search for other holidays specific to your book topic at

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