Common AMS Mistakes

AMS stands for Amazon Marketing Services, also known as Amazon ads.

AMS is a highly effective piece to your marketing plan because people who are on Amazon are already shopping, so if they see your book and are already looking for products like yours, they’re likely to add yours to the cart too!

That said, AMS is a tricky program to learn at first. Here are some common mistakes I see authors make when starting out:

Not creating enough ads - One ad won’t perform every day. I recommend a minimum of 2-3 ads per book when you’re starting out. As your knowledge grows, you can create more ads.

Spending too much - Don’t listen to the suggested bid. It’s almost always wrong. I’ve had AMS suggest $0.75 but I get impressions and sales with $0.10 and I’ve had AMS suggest $0.15 but I don’t get sales and impressions until I hit $0.50. Rely on the data, not the suggestions.

Spending too little - If your bid spend is too low, you won’t get enough impressions to make any sales.

Incorrect metadata - This is a big one. I see authors wondering why their ads aren’t converting to sales but their picture book is listed in adult categories. Or their keywords don’t actually tell the computer what type of book they have. Or their product description doesn’t resonate with their audience well. A great ad starts with having your metadata optimized.

Trying to advertise a product that isn’t appealing to the market - Your book should be such high quality that it could be mistaken for being traditionally published. If your cover isn’t good then advertisements won’t help - your book has to appeal to your audience.

If you want some tips on how to create great AMS ads, check out this video:

When you create your sponsored product ads, there are several different types: auto, category (you can also target products in this type), and keyword. When you create any of those, it will ask if you want custom or standard text. Custom text is when you write the text yourself. Standard is no text - it will just display your cover, title, reviews, and price. Some books do better with custom and others do better with standard. You’ll want to try both to learn what works best for your book or your audience.

Overall, make sure you learn the Amazon Advertising platform before you dive in. It will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration all while providing better positioning for your book.

Need more help? Check out our AMS course and AMS coaching.

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