Understanding Amazon Banners

Updated: Feb 22

What is the difference between #1 new release and #1 best seller on Amazon?

A #1 New Release is a book that is starting to get attention in its category close to the release date. This has more to do with how many people visit the page than how many people buy. Some people earn this without selling a single copy.

A #1 Best Seller banner indicates that your book sells enough to become #1 in that category—it outsells all other books in its category for that period of time. This label is difficult to get to and maintain, but to give yourself the best chance at earning it, put your book in specific, relevant categories.

For example, an alphabet book has a much better chance of getting a #1 Best Seller banner in:

Books < Children’s Books < Early Learning < Basic Concepts < Alphabet

Rather than:

Books < Children’s Books

The broader the category, the more competition your book has. The more competition, the more books you need to sell to get to #1...but remember, traditionally published authors and books fit in those categories as well! It is unlikely that you'll sell more books than authors like Mo Willams so to get that bestseller banner, skip the broad categories, find those specific, relevant ones, and market, market, market.

Did you know…

You can have your book in up to ten categories? When you upload your book to KDP, you can only select two BISAC codes, but if you email KDP, you can add more categories!

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