Children's Storybooks

You've always had a book in you. So the question is...

Aren't you tired of

*NOT* being a

children's book author?
You’ve been sitting on an idea for…well…forever. You’ve witnessed firsthand the difference it makes when children see themselves in the context of a children’s picture book. And you want to make that difference.
But the moment you start to put your ideas onto paper…self-doubt kicks in.


“Will people actually read this?”
“How will I get it published?”
“Are my ideas even good enough?”
“Do I actually know what I’m doing?” 
As time goes on, you’re quickly losing confidence in your idea. Yet deep down, you know that there is a place for your book in the classroom or on a child's shelf.


When it comes down to it, it’s not your idea that needs work. It’s your process.
You just need to know you’re moving down the right path.
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You thought that writing a children's book would be easy.


But if that was the case, wouldn’t everyone be a published author?  


It’s not just that you’ve got a limited word count to tell the story in. You’ve also got to find the right vocabulary for the group you’re targeting. And you know that getting it wrong risks losing your audience.


Then there’s rhyme, meter, mechanics. Not to mention the essential component of a proper story arc.


You start off excited to put your ideas on paper but as time goes on, your confidence drops.


You’re beginning to understand that writing a children’s book

isn’t as simple as having a great idea. So you put your idea

on the side burner, hoping to come back to it later

when the “timing is right.”

The pressure to learn the industry is sucking the fun out of writing your book.


Writing aside, there is so much to learn. You’re already halfway done when you find out the hard way that going down the traditional publishing route means you shouldn’t have hired an illustrator. (Ouch.)


It’s not just that you’re short on time. Missing out steps is actually costing you money. 


What started out as a passion project is quickly turning into a headache. 


To make matters worse, everywhere you turn, other writers are talking about what “a joy” it is to write their book. And yet with every day that passes, you feel a little less equipped. 


The fear of making an expensive mistake is sucking the fun out of bringing your vision to life.

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Less than two years ago, I decided to write my first children’s book. Last week, I published my tenth book! 📖

In 2019, my husband asked me to share something I’ve always wanted to do. I said: I’ve always wanted to write a children’s book. 


Since then, I have published ten picture books. Parents regularly get in touch to share how my stories have inspired their children. Earlier this year, Disney reached out to me. 


No, I don’t have friends in the industry. There’s no “secret strategy” that only insiders know. And I’m not some kind of magical genius either.


Truth is, to get published, you don’t need any of these things. Least of all genius. In fact, my first book had to be edited 14 times before it hit print. (Yep, really!)


So what does it take to take your idea and turn it into a profitable picture book?


For me, it started with investing hundreds of hours into researching the publishing industry. Then came the marketing. The trial and error. And all the other hiccups a person has to endure to create a reliable system.


Now, I have a refined process. It’s how I know my books will sell before I even put my pen on the page. 


But if you don’t have hundreds of hours to spare, that’s OK too. Because you can take the simple route to becoming a profitable author. And I want to show you how.

Why not make today the day you commit
to writing that book and getting it published?


The only thing standing between your idea and a profitable picture book is a refined process. That and a sprinkle of imagination. (Which you have in abundance!)

You CAN publish a children’s book. A book that…

✔️ Comes from the heart

✔️ Captures the imagination of your readers

✔️ Makes a child feel represented

✔️ Gets dog-eared because it’s been read so many times

✔️ Takes the financial pressure off 

✔️ Makes the lives of other teachers easier

✔️ Inspires children to create their own stories

✔️ You are proud to share with your own family

✔️ Sparks the joy of reading in a new generation of readers


Because when you have the right process,

you KNOW you can...

Profitable Picture Books: From Pen To Publication


THE step-by-step guide to becoming a published children’s book author. Even if you’re starting from scratch


We’ve taken everything we know about writing, publishing, and marketing a picture book and broken it down into small, simple steps. This program is completely self-paced. No need to work on someone else’s calendar or deal with interrupted Zoom calls. Set your own deadlines and access the content when you need to, for as long as you need to.



… FIVE value-packed courses


… THREE publishing experts


… SIX fabulous bonuses



The content inside this course is brought to you by

first-rate teachers turned best-selling authors

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The coaches at At Home Author have been published by DIsney, Scholastic, Penguin Random House, Familius, or have started their own publishing house! As certified teachers, we know how to create content that is easy to follow, so you can skip the overwhelm.

Module One

Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re back for draft five, there are things that have to happen during the writing stage.

Inside this essential course, you'll learn:

  • What questions to as yourself before writing begins

  • Why some stories are set aside while others are read over and over

  • How to make your writing process both painless AND repeatable (so that you're not just a one-hit wonder)

  • When to use rhyme and how to rhyme the RIGHT way (it's not as easy as you'd think)

...and most importantly... to write the book your audience wants.

YOUR ideas

YOUR pace

YOUR dreams

We've just provided the tools for you to make them a reality.

Module Two

Already decided on your publishing route? Don't skip this module. You'll walk away knowing...

  • What each publishing route truly looks like

  • The 4 major pros of traditional publishing

  • What no one tells you about getting traditionally published

  • The 4 major pros of self-publishing

  • What you *really* need to know before you self-publish (and what it will cost you)

PLUS... to identify vanity presses

(and why spotting these red flags could save you BIG time!)

Module Three

Want to be published by popular publishers like Scholastic and Penguin Random House?


You'll need to know...

  • What an agent does...

    • ...if you need one...

      • ....and how to get one!

  • How to write a query letter that gets you in the door (It's not as hard as you'd think!)

  • What the submission process looks like (and how to navigate it well)




Module Four

A complete guide to self-publishing.

Even if you've chosen a different publishing route, you'll learn...

  • What to do if you want your picture book to sell from day one

  • How to make sense of the crucial copyright stuff (because legal-speak is barely English...)

  • What metadata has to do with a successful book launch

...and have your hand complete held through the

self-publishing process!





⭐ Vicky Weber's POD Book Release Marketing Plan ⭐
(aka the fast track to profit!)

Module Five

Marketing essentials for every children's book author

The secret sauce to successful marketing

The quickfire way to build your email list - pronto

12 social media post ideas (for when you get tired of asking your second cousins to buy your book)

What a press release is supposed to look like

How to get more reviews from day one

8 bonus ways to market your book

What NOT to do if you want to market your book like a pro

Your roadmap to sales and success!



"I wish there were more stars to give. Anyone who has started the process of writing a book or books, knows it’s an overwhelming process. Vicky has been an invaluable resource. Her courses and coaching have truly transformed my book. She has a special gift of guiding changes that amplify your writing without making you feel like a story loses the authors voice. Thank you SO much for all of your help and also for encouraging me to continue on my dream of publishing my first book."


-Abby Patterson

Inside each course, you’ll get answers to burning questions like…


🔹 What comes first… editing or illustration?

🔹 Once the illustrations are done, should I copyright before I hit print?

🔹 Do I need a professional editor?

🔹 Do I need an agent?

🔹 Where do I get an ISBN?

🔹 Do I have to write a series?

🔹 Should my book rhyme?

🔹 Should I bother with an e-book?

🔹 How often should I be releasing new books?

🔹 What companies accept unsolicited manuscripts?

🔹 Do I own the copyright if I publish with KDP?

🔹 Should I self-publish or traditionally publish?

🔹 How do I get people to review my book?

🔹 What does a book launch involve?

🔹 What is a marketing plan?

🔹 What are KDP Free Days?

🔹 What’s a Facebook pixel?

🔹 How do I promote my book on a budget? 

🔹 Can’t I rely on friends and family to get the word out?




30-day moneyback guarantee


I’m so confident that you’re going to LOVE the results you get from this course that Profitable Picture Books: From Pen To Publication comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t feel like the course provides the value promised, you’ll get a full refund. That’s how confident I am that this course will help you on your author journey! 

And to make your publishing journey even more smooth-sailing, you’ll also get INSTANT ACCESS to:

Not to mention, every member gets lifetime access to our exclusive Facebook Group where our coaches are on standby to answer your questions...


Here's what new authors have to say:

"This course IS my author journey. It is literally the road from THINKING about the book all the way through the final publication."


Browsing through various courses on children's book publications, I did my research and homework. I didn't want to invest in something that would give me the basic Google search answers or Pinterest how-to blog. If you're also on the journey to finding a course that will teach you, inspire you, encourage you, and challenge you...look no further because THIS IS IT.

With the plethora of information, there's no steps missed in the process. This course is the spark I didn't know that I needed. It's the motivation, the drive, the spinning wheels to my journey.

This course is IN-DEPTH, the team is responsive, and the list of resources provided is basically what makes this course the all-inclusive starter pack for you to be fully equipped on your journey to becoming an amazing children's book author.

I'm so grateful I came across this course because I truly believe it's about to be life-changing! Thank you At Home Author!

-Courtney Modisette

I LOVE the detailed and step-by-step aspect of the course. I love the short but detailed videos that focus on all different aspects of the author process. I'm especially excited about all the information to figure out the publishing route, as that feels like the more complex and hardest area to navigate. The course is really well done, and definitely worth the time and money. I can tell the authors have a lot of experience and knowledge they've used to create this course.

-Amanda Quirin

It included way more information than I expected. I also included things I didn't even know I need to know more about!

Profitable Picture Books: From Pen To Publication


The step-by-step guide to becoming a published children’s book author. Even if you’re starting from scratch

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Putting Pen To Paper: Writing Your Picture Book

Deciding On A Publishing Route

A Guide to Traditional Publishing

A Guide to Self-Publishing

Marketing Made Simple




Brainstorm Page

Glossary of Publishing Terms

Storyboard Template

Lesson Plan Templates

Writing Community


* EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Melissa Richeson *

Ready to take your next step towards becoming an author?

Enroll now for LIFETIME access to current and future content!


Yes, you really get 5 courses in 1!
Here are more answers

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Profitable Picture Books: From Pen To Publication


Cut out the stressing and guessing and skip straight to the part where you can proudly call yourself a children’s book author. 



… FIVE value-packed courses


… THREE publishing experts


… SIX fabulous bonuses



If you’re beyond ready to become a published children’s author, enroll now to get:

This course has been so helpful so far. It breaks everything down in a way that is easy to understand. Definitely enjoying it!

-Kiara Gaton

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Deciding On A Publishing Route..............................................(Value $75)

A Guide to Traditional Publishing...........................................(Value $150)

A Guide to Self-Publishing....................................................(Value $250)

A Bestselling Release Roadmap............................................(Value $150)

Marketing Made Simple........................................................(Value $250)

100 Bite-sized Videos and Tutorials......................................(Value $500)

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