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Meet the Experts

Vicky Weber | At Home Author

Vicky Weber

Bestselling Author, Educator, & Literary Agent

As an elementary school teacher and bestselling author, Vicky has successfully coached clients all around the world at various stages in their author journey. She makes six-figures as a self-published children's book author but has also been published by Disney and Penguin Random House. If you are feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start, her services aim to prepare you to make the best decisions for yourself and set you up for success.

Chelsea Tornetto

Scholastic Author, Editor, & Educator

Chelsea is a veteran teacher, traditionally published author, and freelance editor. Her first book, Conquering Content Vocabulary, was published by Scholastic in 2018, and her first children’s book was released in the spring of 2022.  She is represented by Storm Literary Agency. Her passion is helping fellow authors transform their manuscripts from rough drafts into stories that shine! She lives with her husband and two kids in Jackson, Missouri. You can take advantage of her personalized editing services here.


Our Support Team

Tayler Hill

Virtual Assistant

Armed with a dual degree in publishing and creative writing, Tayler has skillfully translated her knowledge into the fulfillment of her lifelong dream of becoming an author.

In the realm of professional and creative writing, my philosophy revolves around the art of expression. I believe words are tools that, when wielded with purpose, can build bridges of understanding and passion. Through my dedication to writing, revision, and a commitment to authenticity, I strive to create a world of words that not only convey information but evoke emotion that leaves a lasting impact on readers.


Zoe Mellors

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

As a book illustrator, designer, and formatter based in the UK, I'm on a mission to bring imagination to life through vibrant visuals.

Ever since I was a girl doodling in my schoolbooks, I've been captivated by the pages of books and the magic they hold. Now, armed with a degree in illustration from the University of Lincoln, I'm dedicated to crafting illustrations that help to bring the love of reading to a whole new generation. It’s rare to see me without a trusty sketchbook by my side or a book in my hand!

Zoe loves supporting her community and helping her fellow illustrators and authors fulfil their dreams by publishing their stories and inspiring the readers of tomorrow.

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