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Our Programs

for aspiring traditional & self published authors

Profitable Picture Books from Pen to Publication

Turn your idea into a real-life, polished, well-loved children's book. Learn all the ropes to publish children's picture books from start-to-finish.

Profitable Picture Books | Children's Writing Course
How to Market Your Book

Marketing Strategies

Great books are meant to be read again and again but people can't buy your book unless they know it exists!

Learn how to take your book from great potential to consistent seller.

Amazon Ads Academy

Take your ads from frustrating to money-making. Learn how to use AMS ads to gain more visibility and sales for your book.

Amazon Ads for Authors
How to Get a Literary Agent

Query Kit for Authors

Don't let your book get lost in a sea of other submissions. Learn insights into what agents are looking for, how to write a standout query letter, and write a captivating pitch.

Need help getting an agent?

 Not sure what you need or where to start?

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