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Get published faster with the
Children’s Book Publishing Ultimate Resource List

Looking for professional editors, illustrators, and formatters you can trust? Look no further!
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Skip the Google overwhelm with the essential resource list for any aspiring children’s book author.
Hiring professionals but feeling lost with all the choices? Your search ends here. The Ultimate Resource List contains...

  • The list of editors we TRUST (because we’ve personally worked with them… *not* because we’re affiliates!)

  • Illustrators we LOVE (plus the all-important warning regarding when NOT to hire an illustrator!)

  • Book designers & formatters (and a shortcut to finding the best designer for you!)


PLUS: The key differences between self-publishing vs traditional publishing…


Aaaaaand… The self-publishing vs traditional publishing timeline!

The best part? It's FREE to download!

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Created by Vicky Weber


Hi, I’m Vicky Weber -- coach, music teacher, and author of 10 published children’s books. 


My programs have helped hundreds of creative writers turn their book idea into reality.


More importantly, I’ve helped these writers avoid costly mistakes that will set them back on their journey.


To help you on your own publishing journey, I’ve put together a list of trusted experts so you can create a polished, professional picture book -- without the overwhelm.

Don’t delay your launch because you can’t find the right professionals. Grab the Children’s Book Ultimate Resource List while it’s free...

And take one step closer to becoming a published children’s book author today!


“Vicky is an AMAZING mentor and source of information for all things self-publishing. I have learned so much from her webinars and courses. I especially love the new self-paced courses because I can watch and learn when it is convenient. I also rewatch as needed to recap any information I need to revisit. Highly recommend Vicky’s webinars, courses, and individual mentoring hours! I’d be so lost without her!”


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