I made social media accounts...now what?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

When it comes to social media, it is easy to run out of ideas for what to post...especially if your book isn't released yet!

Here are some post suggestions:

Give them options

Ask questions relating to your book that will create a discussion.

  • Make a poll where they can weigh in on your book title

  • Have illustrations? Ask which version of the illustration they like best!

  • Cover critiques

  • What should I name this character?

Followers will love feeling like they are contributing to your book in some way.

Post a cover reveal

An easy way to get your following excited about your upcoming launch. Create 3D mockups for eye-catching social media graphics.

Show them behind-the-scenes

What does your writing process look like? Show off your workspace or early drafts of your book!

Share virtual event schedules

If you have any upcoming events or book signings, share pictures. Tell your audience what you’re excited about, how it went, or where they can join in the event.

Share the inside of your book

Whether it is a sketch, finished illustration, or a graphic with a meaningful quote, your audience will love seeing what your story is all about.

Thank others

Who has contributed to your success? Whether personal or professional, thank others for their support!

Share photos of your fans

Do you have pictures of others reading your book? Post them!

Show support for other authors

Use your social media to promote other authors with messages similar to yours. Not only will this help your colleagues, your audience will appreciate discovering other books they’d enjoy. Plus, other authors may support you back, exposing you to new audiences!

Games and giveaways

Encourage interaction by creating games to be played on your social media: guessing games, fill-in-the-blanks, trivia, and more! You can also partner with other organizations or influencers to host giveaways.

Post FAQ’s or interviews

If your audience asks you similar questions, create a post out of it. You can also post and share interviews that you’ve participated in from bloggers, magazines, and newspapers.

Share interesting content

What is your book’s message? Find other articles, videos, and content with a similar message and create a post about it.

Show off your pets

Out of ideas? It’s never a bad idea to post your pets! But remember, not all of your content has to be about your story. Share your adventures and whatever else you’re comfortable with. Your fans will love learning about the person behind the book!

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