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6 Types of Writers In Facebook Groups

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Facebook writers’ groups are full of all types of people and personalities - from veteran authors with multiple books in print to curious newbies with no idea where to begin. The wide variety is part of what makes them such a valuable place to build community and learn from others!

It’s also what makes them pretty entertaining places to “people watch!”

Have you seen any of these common “writer types” in your own writer’s groups?

1. The Total Noob

Ah, to be young and naive again!

We were all this writer at some point in our career—so new to the publishing scene that we really believed all there was to writing a children’s book was...well...writing it!

Soon, with the help of her group members, sweet Notta will learn about developmental editing, revision, proofreading, comparable title research, marketing, and more - and realize that writing a children’s book isn’t child’s play.

(Also…she will learn to never use the word “illustrator” in her posts. Ever. Again.)

2. The Cheapskate

This notorious writer-type comes in several varieties:


Either way...that’s not how this works, bros.

There will always be people who try to get something for nothing, but we wish there weren’t so many of them in our writing groups!

Editors and illustrators deserve to be paid well for their skills, and The Cheapskate needs to learn that.

Curious how much it should actually cost you to publish a children's book? Read this!

3. The Overthinker

I admire attention to detail as much as the next person—but seriously. Eye am stressed just reading this post. (See what eye did there?)

Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and get the words on the page.

4. The Trainwreck

We’re all thinking the same thing. But there’s no need to be rude. Remember, we all have to start somewhere! Whisper a little prayer for them (and their future editor or proofreader) and just keep scrolling.

5. The Easy Mark

I’ve lived in the south long enough that I think I can say this and get away with it….

Bless their heart!

The comments on this post will fill up quickly with warnings of vanity presses and hopefully, this poor writer will avoid being scammed. After all, a real publisher pays YOU!

If not, I know a Nigerian prince who could really use their help...

6. The Publishing Pro

This writer doesn’t post themselves. Instead, they scroll through when they need a break from their own writing endeavors, handing out advice like Santa on Christmas Eve.

Need help planning a school visit? They’ve got sample sales sheets.

Wondering about Amazon ads? Here’s a link to a great video course.

Wondering if you really need an editor? They’ll roll their eyes, but they’ll assure you that YES you definitely do. (And also provide a list of vetted experts.)

You may not always like what they have to say, (no you won’t make millions with your first book), but you can trust these experts to keep you on the right path.

What writer types did I miss? Have you seen any of these keyboard warriors in your own writers’ groups?

P.S. If you're looking for a Facebook group to join, check out Publishing Children's Books: An Author Community! (Unless you are "The Cheapskate.")

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links to products we enjoy using ourselves. Should you choose to use these links, At Home Author may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you.

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