A Guide to A+ Content

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Think of A+ content almost like an ad. A+ content is a space right on your product page that is labeled "from the publisher" where you can show off what makes your book special: spreads, reviews, etc. According to Amazon, A+ content increases sales an average 3-10%. Plus, it makes you look more credible and on-par with traditional publishing houses. Win-win!

In A+ you can choose 5 module templates per book and there are 17 templates to choose from. Take a peek at just a few:

As you are designing your graphics and sizing your pictures, take note of each module's size. You will need to make sure your jpegs are the exact size for that module or they will end up distorted.

What can I showcase?

Start by thinking about all your book has accomplished: Have you been featured somewhere? Podcasts? Magazines? Partnerships? Or maybe you have an incredible review!

A+ content allows you to feature all of it right there on your Amazon page.

If you’d like to highlight an award or endorsement it must have been received within the last two years. You also need to make sure you are adding the date you achieved your accomplishment.

Look at your illustrations and pick out the favorites that you know others will love too.

You'll also want to decide if you want to use one of the five modules to showcase your other books. They act as links and FREE advertising for your other products!

Take this information and get to designing. Even if you're not the most experienced with graphic design, you can use a program like Canva to make the content you need.

Remember, this isn’t a description. Your buyer can easily scroll to see the synopsis of the book. This is your time to showcase everything else and use eye-catching designs to do so! Make it something worth remembering.


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