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Booklinker for Book Marketing: What It Is and Why You Need It!

Booklinker For Book Marketing:  What it is and why you need it!

Your book is published and you’re knee-deep in your marketing plan, sharing the link to your book far and wide. Those handy little, clickable links are an essential part of your online marketing strategy!

Book links:

🔗 Help readers easily find your book online

🔗 Drive organic traffic to your sales page

🔗 Establish authority and credibility

🔗 Encourage social shares

🔗 Boost SEO

And overall, links can boost your book sales and marketing efforts. That said, if you’re not careful, your book links could actually be hurting your efforts. While I talk about this in more detail in another blog post, here’s the gist:

Using clean, universal linkspreferably generated by a URL shortener like Booklinkeris essential to online selling success.

What Are Clean Links?

Clean links are links that send readers directly to the destination page - with no tracking or affiliate codes. They load faster and don’t tack extra information on at the end that can be traced back to you.

What are Universal Book Links?

Universal book links direct readers to their preferred book retailer based on the user's location and device. For example, if a user in the United States clicks the link on their iPhone, they will be redirected to Apple Books. If a user in Canada clicks the link on their Kindle, they will be redirected to The link provides a customized experience for each user.

Universal book links eliminate the need for authors to create separate links for each retailer. One single link provides access to all major retailers. Readers can seamlessly get to the retailer that makes the most sense for them, meaning they're much more likely to purchase!

What are link shorteners?

Link shorteners do exactly what their name implies - they shorten long URLs into condensed, more shareable links. For authors, these shortened links can be incredibly valuable for promoting books across social media, email, and other platforms. Link shorteners provide built-in analytics, branding, and traffic optimization capabilities to help you track engagement and make changes to your marketing plan based on data.

There are tons of link shorteners out there but my favorite, by far, is Booklinker.

How Booklinker Creates Customizable Links  

Booklinker is the only URL shortener specifically designed for books and authors. You can add your author name, book title, or anything else to create a customized link that is both clean and universal.

Short, Pretty URLs

One of the key benefits of using Booklinker for your book links is that it generates short, clean, and memorable URLs. Instead of long, messy links full of cryptic parameters and identifiers, Booklinker creates simple links using your book title and author name. These short, readable links are much easier for readers to remember, type, and share. People are much more likely to click, share, and spread a clean link that is easy to read. 

Links that are short and pretty are also great for social media because they don't take up your whole tweet or post.

Link Analytics 

Booklinker also provides detailed analytics. You can see how many people clicked on the link from what location, which helps you understand more about your marketing plan so you can double down on what's working.

Easy to Use

Booklinker makes it incredibly simple for authors to start sharing links and driving book sales. The user-friendly dashboard allows you to easily create and manage your book links in just a few minutes. 

Unlike other link-shortening tools, Booklinker is intuitive and designed specifically for authors. The setup process takes only minutes, with no coding required. You don't need any technical expertise to start customizing links and sharing them across your marketing channels.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Booklinker removes the friction often associated with link creation and management. The intuitive interface makes it effortless for authors to create links that help promote their books. Within minutes of signing up, you can start driving more readers to your book pages and boosting sales.


Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links to products we enjoy using ourselves. Should you choose to use these links, At Home Author may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you.

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