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The Top 30 Gifts For Writers 🙌

Updated: 5 days ago

Who says gifts should only be purchased around the holidays? No matter the month, there's always something worth celebrating. And no one deserves more celebration than the hard-working authors in your life! (Even if the only author in your you! Celebrate yourself. We won't tell.)

Whether you're shopping for a birthday, a holiday, a new book deal, or even "just because," you'll find tons of gifts targeted toward wonderful wordsmiths. However, many of these gift ideas have been given over and over again.

Maybe the author already has too many mugs and doesn't have room in their cabinets for more. Odds are good that they have hundreds of pretty notebooks but are too afraid to actually write in them. (Guilty!) Your job, then, as a gift-giver, is to find something fun yet functional, and useful yet unique.

Luckily, we already did all the work for you. (You're welcome!) Below are our most inspiring, tech-savvy, everyday must-haves.

Top 30 Gifts for Writers

All you have to do now is pick one... Or two... Or maybe a few.

Kindle Scribe | Gifts for Writers

E-readers are everywhere these days, but the Kindle remains one of the most popular. Its newest version, the Scribe, is the FIRST Kindle that you can take notes on!

Whether you use it for annotating a novel, or just to make a to-do list, organizing your notes has never been so easy.

Notes remain on the page and act as a sticky note when you're finished, and the best part? They can easily be exported via email.

Ember Smart Cup | Gifts for Writers

Gone are walks to the microwave to heat up that same cup of coffee you made hours ago. This cup is perfect for any writer who loves a hot beverage. Coffee, tea, warm lemon water--you name it, the Smart Cup heats it.

For those late night writers or early mornings, this rechargeable cup keeps your drink of choice warm and ready to support the writing process.

Typewriter Pen Holder | Gifts for Writers

Dragons hoard gold; writers hoard pens. Unfortunately, like socks, hair ties, and important pieces of mail, pens have a tendency to disappear when you need them most.

That's what pen holders are for!

This sleek typewriter version can finally replace that chipped mug, flower pot, plastic cup, or whatever else you've been using to corral those pesky writing utensils.

Novel Tea | Gifts for Writers

Sometimes, water just won't cut it, but coffee is too aggressive. Thankfully, tea provides just the right amount of caffeine--without the jitters.

This delicious English Breakfast blend features a famous literary quote on every bag. Perfect to sip while writing, taking a break from writing, or just thinking about writing (but not having the energy to do it).

Bookends | Gifts for Writers

How cute are these bookends? Any author would be proud to display these on top of their writing desk.

Fingers crossed that they'll someday bookend your own bestselling series!

Funny Gifts for Writers

Is this the most useful gift? Okay, maybe not.

But does every writer love puns, and would they cackle with glee upon receiving this? Definitely. And who knows? It could probably work as a paperweight, or something...

Metal Sign | Gifts for Writers

This gorgeous metal sign would look great in any writer's home. Hang it above your bed, in your office, or even on your porch to remind the world of your brilliance.

The date and pen name are fully customizable, as are the size and colors, so it can be personalized to any and all authors.

Book Launch Cookies | Gifts for Writers

If you've read our blog for a while, you know how much we LOVE book launches! These customizable cookies would absolutely be the sweetest part of any launch.

Or, if you want to be the most popular member at book club, bring a dozen of these decorated with the cover of this month's read.

Future Bestselling Author Tshirt | Gifts for Writers

Listen, we couldn't not include some of our own awesome merch! Buy this comfy shirt for yourself to remind you to meet your word count.

Buy this for your best friend to show your support for their dream.

You could even buy this to congratulate a new author on their book's release--then, when it becomes a bestseller, you can say, "I told you so!"

Gift Card | Gifts for Writers

Everyone deserves to learn, regardless of their financial situation, and we're proud to offer many valuable writing resources for free! However, if someone wants more personalized help, they should consider our individualized coaching sessions.

Give someone the gift of insider knowledge with a gift card for one-on-one coaching. They come in amounts from $25 to $500, and they never expire!

Aqua Notes | Gifts for Writers

Sometimes, our best ideas come to us in the most inconvenient places. Why couldn't that amazing plot twist wait until we got out of the shower?!

Luckily, some genius came up with this waterproof notepad (complete with suction cups to stick to the shower wall!).

Finally, you can jot down those witty one-liners and let that deep conditioner stay in for an extra few minutes. Just be careful with your water bill...

Blue Light Glasses | Gifts for Writers

Writing may not seem like a particularly dangerous activity. However, those hours of staring at a screen can really wear on your eyes! Even someone with perfect vision could experience eye fatigue from too much screen time.

To protect those peepers, invest in these blue light glasses, which both look great and help block harmful blue light.

Retro Keyboard | Gifts for Writers

Speaking of how much time writers spend at their computer... If you're staring at something for hours a day, why not make it cute?

This wireless keyboard puts the "fun" in "functional" and comes in several different colors. Best of all, it works with desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even TVs!

Creativity Bracelet | Gifts for Writers

When the writing gets tough, writers need all the help they can get. This gorgeous crystal bracelet would be a great gift for a writer who needs a little extra motivation.

Who could say no to enhanced creativity and focus? Actually, maybe we need two of these bracelets; we do have two wrists, after all...

Storymatic Game | Gifts for Writers

It's great to love what you're writing! But if you haven't seen your author friend emerge from their office in two months, it's maybe time to suggest a little break.

Give them the hint with this fun storytelling game, playable by one person or a group. It'll get them out of their manuscript while still keeping their creativity flowing.

Feather Pen | Gifts for Writers

I guarantee, with 100% certainty, that every modern writer has fantasized about traveling back in time, writing with a gigantic feather pen by candlelight, and publishing an instant classic.


While we sadly don't have time machines on this list, we at least found these gorgeous feather pen sets. They come with one dip pen, a pot of ink, two replacement nibs, and a pen stand base. Candlelight not included.

Rocketbook | Gifts for Writers

Okay, this one's a game-changer. A Rocketbook is a reusable notebook whose pages can be scanned, saved, and sent through a connected app.

You write with a special pen, then simply wipe the pages clean when you're done.

Eco-friendly and keeps you from buying yet another notebook or journal? Count us in!

ReMarkable | Gifts for Writers

If you want to go even higher-tech than the Rocketbook, and more note-heavy than the Kindle Scribe, it's time to invest in a reMarkable.

This tablet looks and feels like paper, and is even good for sketching, not just writing.

You can even convert your hand-written notes to typed text (aka save your editor from having to decipher your messy handwriting).

Save the Cat | Gifts for Writers

Do you know a would-be writer with an amazing idea, but no idea how to turn it into a novel? Give them a copy of this book.

It lays out the 15 "beats" that comprise an engaging story, walking a writer through their plot from start to finish.

With thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, this practical guide makes a super helpful gift (and then you can ask to borrow it, too!).

Save the Cat Writes a Young Adult Novel

Even already-established authors may freeze when they decide to transition to YA from another genre.

This edition uses the same 15-beat structure as the book above, but tailors it for stories that will hook younger readers.

This guy won't be released until May of 2023, but it's never too early for a pre-order!

Gifts for Writers

Raise your hand if you remember to drink water while you're writing all day. (No, the ice cubes in your cold brew don't count!)

This gorgeous, book-themed water bottle will help any hard-working author stay hydrated.

The handy lines on the back encourage you to keep drinking, and refilling, throughout the day.

Necklace | Gifts for Writers

Who can resist something sparkly, especially when it comes with a sweet sentiment? Not us!

This necklace is simple yet stunning, perfect for dressing up an outfit or just for wearing on endless Zoom calls with your editor.

If you give this to someone, they'll remember their destiny as a best-selling author whenever they wear it.

Keurig | Gifts for Writers

A standard coffee pot just makes too much coffee for one person. Either some of it will get poured out, or it will grow stale and sad on the counter or in the fridge. RIP.

That's why we love this Keurig: it's designed to brew a single cup of coffee, whenever you want it, in a matter of minutes.

It also takes up less counter space than many other coffee makers, saving more room for the important things--like all those mugs you've received as gifts over the years.

Vintage Keyboard | Gifts for Writers

If a feather pen seems too involved, a typewriter might be the next best choice for an antiquated writing experience. But what if a typewriter is also too much work?

That's when you bust out this typewriter-style keyboard.

The keys are delightfully tactile and "clicky," and the keyboard's design is perfect for tablets. This would be a perfect gift for your friend who's writing the next great neo-noir mystery.

Sign | Gifts for Writers

Authors may or may not have a tendency to eavesdrop... But it's way more fun to call it "conducting research!"

You never know when someone will reveal the perfect plot point, inspiring quote, or character name for your next book.

This sign would be a helpful way to warn--uh, we mean, inform--your friends and family that their words might end up on paper.

If the writer in your life loves picture books as much as we do, surprise and delight them with a plushie of their favorite character.

A soft, huggable doll would be the most fun addition to story times at book signings and other events.

Custom Stickers | Gifts for Writers

If a plushie is a little beyond your budget, or if you want lots of items instead of just one, you can turn characters into stickers, too!

This company makes custom vinyl stickers, perfect for decorating laptops, water bottles, car bumpers, or anything else that could use a little literary cheer. (Could be great bonuses to include in special book orders, too!)

Book Stack Tissue Box | Gifts for Writers

How often does Nicholas Sparks cry when he writes his tragic stories? The world may never know.

But if you tend to get the sniffles while writing a sappy scene, ill-fated romance, or devastating ending, this decorative tissue box is definitely for you.

Author Bracelet | Gifts for Writers

If you're the type to talk with your hands, you might as well decorate them with something pretty.

This silver bracelet features delicate charms of a book, typewriter, and instruction to "write," as well as a customizable initial and birthstone.

It will serve as a great conversation piece when you're in meetings to pitch your next book!

Personalized Blanket | Gifts for Writers

At the end of a long writing session, there's nothing more inviting than a warm bed or soft couch.

This woven blanket will make naptime so much cozier--while reminding you that, yes, you eventually should get up and keep writing.

The text in the typewriter is completely customizable!

And there you have it! Any writer would be gobsmacked by one (or more) of these practically perfect presents. When it's time to buy a gift, we implore you to put down the basic mug--they already have too many, I promise--and order one of these items instead. And then get one for yourself. You deserve it.

Did we miss any amazing gifts for writers? Let us know in the comments!

(And if you need some guidance on your writing or publishing journey, book your FREE consultation with us today!)

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links to products we enjoy using ourselves. Should you choose to use these links, At Home Author may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you.

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