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Meet Teighan Laino! (Author Success Stories)

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Welcome to our latest Author Success Story! Our featured author this month is from the land down under!

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Meet Teighan:

Teighan Laino is a mother, scientist and a children's author who helps parents and teachers foster meaningful connections within their families and classrooms through captivating stories and engaging activities.

(Note: If you're not in Australia and want to purchase a copy of Tom Shark: Oceans of Emotions, click here to purchase on Amazon.

AHA: Hi Teighan! So, let's start at the beginning. What inspired you to become an author?

Teighan: In the midst of juggling motherhood and coping with the loss of a dear friend, I embarked on a journey to pursue my dream of writing for children. Writing started as a cathartic outlet, helping me navigate through the pain of loss. It was during this process that I created my first book, "Tom Shark." I didn’t do anything with it for some time, but the desire to pay tribute to Tom and offer solace to others motivated me to take the leap and finally share my work with the world.

AHA: Sometimes the stories tell us when they're ready to be heard! How did you decide on self-publishing, as opposed to submitting to traditional publishers?

Teighan: After learning all about traditional publishing vs self-publishing through At Home Author, I decided to self-publish so I had more creative control. This was important to me because it was such a personal project. At Home Author provided so much support and information in guiding me through this.

AHA: That's what we're here for! ;) How long did it end up taking you to publish "Tom Shark?"

Teighan: This was something I took my time on. I first wanted to learn all I could about this industry, but once I decided to jump in, I would say it took me about 1 year to publish.

AHA: Taking the time to learn and research is so important. Overall, would you say the process of publishing your own book has been easier or harder than you anticipated?

Teighan: The world of publishing has proven to be a challenging journey, exceeding my initial expectations of its complexity. Regardless of the path you choose, there's a significant learning curve. Self-publishing, for instance, demands the skills of an entrepreneur, requiring managing the various facets of a business operation. On the other hand, traditional publishing requires patience, consistency, and the ability to gracefully weather rejection, all while maintaining the self-motivation to forge ahead.

AHA: So true! Speaking of different types of challenges, it seems like everyone has a slightly different idea of what qualifies as "success." When you first started, how did you measure success? Has that benchmark changed?

Teighan: Initially, my vision of success was centered around achieving recognition in stores and winning awards. However, my perspective has since evolved. Today, I gauge success through the meaningful feedback I receive from my readers and the heartfelt messages shared by families who have discovered solace and reassurance within the pages of "Tom Shark." These personal connections and the positive impact on individuals and families now define my measure of accomplishment.

AHA: That's such a great perspective! Okay, so there are probably many hopeful authors reading this. If you could give one piece of advice to someone hoping to self-publish, what would it be?

Teighan: To sum it up - Spend time learning all you can, because this will be your business. It is hard to not expand on that haha. Your book must hold up to the quality of traditionally published titles, or you are wasting your time. Investing in professional support like education, coaching, editing, illustrating, formatting etc. is crucial. Then, marketing - it will determine the success and distribution of your book. You need to be consistent and creative.

AHA: Ooooh! Yes! Speaking of marketing, what marketing strategies have been the most effective for you?

Teighan: My website and social media. I am not finished though, and I need to put more work in. I have a lot of ideas.

Abby the Crabby Tabby | Author Success Stories

Teighan's Stats:


Tom Shark: Oceans of Emotions

Release Date:



Hong Kong Fusheng Printing Co., Limited

POD or offset print run?


Formats Available:

Hardcover, Paperback, Ebook

Total Investment: (All amounts are rough estimates provided by the author and should not be considered 100% accurate or used as estimates for your own project. Do your own research!)

Working this out in detail is on my to do list, but approximately $6,000 (This includes education, website, printing, advertising, editing, illustrator, formatting).

Total Number of Books Sold To Date:

Approx. 350 (mostly from my website)

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