The Truth About Copyright

Updated: Mar 22

We often see new authors with questions about copyrighting their book:

Do I need to?

What if I don't?

When do I do it?

The list goes on. But the explanation is simple.

You already own the copyrights to your book right now. But filing for copyright with the government creates a paper trail and in turn, gives you more suing power in a court of law.

Filing for copyright does NOT protect your work from being stolen by others, it helps you hold the thieves accountable when you take them to court.


The truth is...the only sure-fire way to guarantee that your work doesn't get to never publish it. And since you're here, wanting to live your dream of becoming an author, that's not an option. But there is good news. Because the other truth is that as long as you avoid publishing scams, the chances of your story being stolen are incredibly low.

Instead of worrying, focus on doing your research. If you're querying agents for traditional publishing, make sure you look up their agency before you send your story. If you're self-publishing, every professional you work with (editor, illustrator, etc) should have a contract stating that they will only use your book for the intended service.

But the easiest way to make sure you're working with the best of the best is to hire professionals that other authors recommend and trust. Authors aren't going to recommend people who have done them wrong so this is a simple but effective way to vet the people you hire.

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