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Updated: Feb 22

Lots of people want to get traditionally published so they start querying agents. But did you know that Twitter can help you get one? Yes, you read that right.

While the self-publishing community primarily connects on Facebook and Instagram, agents and traditionally published authors tend to hang out on Twitter, and several times each year, there are Twitter events that agents actually participate in.

How it works

On the day of the event, you tweet your pitch and use the event hashtags. Then, you support other authors by commenting on their pitches and following them. Do NOT like any pitches that day--those are reserved for agents only. If an agent gives your pitch a heart...that's an invitation to query them!

Why is that so awesome? It means they are already interested in your book. Think about what an advantage that is!

To participate in a Twitter pitch event, make sure you have your manuscript written (and developmentally edited) beforehand. You'll also want to prepare your query letter and tweet content in advance as well.

Tip: Get feedback BEFORE the event to make sure you'll intrigue agents.

You'll also want to remember that these pitch events are for unpublished manuscripts so if you've already self-published your book, this won't help you. Below, you'll find some of the most popular Twitter pitch events. Click their link to read more about their rules.




2021 Dates:

September 2nd #pitmad

September 15th #latinxpitch

October 28th #pbpitch

December 2nd #pitmad

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