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6 MORE Types of Writers in Facebook Groups

Updated: 3 days ago

Facebook writers’ groups are full of all types of people and personalities - 6 of which we highlighted in our previous post on the topic, HERE.

6 MORE Types of Writers In Facebook Groups

The wide range of personalities and backgrounds is what makes Facebook such a great place to network and ask for advice!

And if you’ve got a sense of humor, it can also make for some fun reading!

Here are 6 MORE types of authors you’ll find in Facebook groups for writers.

The Proud Parent

Fake Facebook post from a proud mama.

Every parent thinks their child is amazing, so it’s not surprising this happens occasionally. And kids CAN create some pretty amazing art! But thousands of highly skilled adults struggle to break into the publishing industry each year, so…

MAYBE this mom is a little bit biased?

If you come across the Proud Parent, be supportive, and direct them towards Lulu Jr’s IlluStory Kit! It’s a great option for kids who want to write a “real” book! But if they come back at you with, “Oh no…This is DEFINITELY the next best seller!” Just smile and keep scrolling. You aren’t going to convince them otherwise.

The Memoirist

Fake Facebook post from a hopeful memoirist.

Memoirs are one of the most commonly written genres and one of the most notoriously hard to sell. If this writer has won a Nobel Peace Prize…or if they are an exceptionally handsome member of a royal family… they MIGHT have a unique enough story to get their memoir published and actually sell some copies. But, if all they won was the battle for the remote control? Sadly, probably not.

Similar to the Proud Parent, The Memoirist feels like their story is unique and book-worthy, when it really just…isn't. That's not to say that writing down their life story for future generations of their own family isn’t a great personal project! But they might want to think twice before they go to the trouble, and heartache, of submitting to publishers.

The Defensive Specialist

This creative genius posts their work under the guise of asking for “feedback,” but in reality, they expect nothing but praise and requests for autographs. When the criticism begins - no matter how constructive - they immediately get defensive.

Fake Facebook thread in which an author gets defensive about constructive criticism.

If you’re brave enough to wade into the comment section to offer some advice - DON’T. No good can come of this. Just wait patiently.

Because the Defensive Specialist will often delete their initial post, and retreat temporarily to transform into…

The Elvis

Fake Facebook post in which an author announces they are leaving the group.

I call this writer The Elvis because when they leave the building…they want EVERYONE to know about it.

Rather than just clicking that little button that says, “Leave group,” and moving on with their lives, The Elvis wants to make sure everyone knows just how offended they are.

And they imagine that everyone in the group is really upset about their departure.

The AI Instigator

Fake Facebook post in which someone asks how to create AI illustrations.

Oh boy.

It’s not always obvious if the AI Instigator is just really bad at reading the room, or if they’re TRYING to start World War III. But regardless of their intent, the responses to this post about to get REAL.

Fake Facebook post in which multiple people criticize the author for using AI.

If you want to try to help, you could share this video about AI art from At Home Author.

But watch out, because just when you think things have settled down, someone will say, “DM me. I can help.”

And it all starts over again!

The Genre Bender

Fake Facebook post in which an author asks what genre their gothic picture book of 20,000 words woudl fit.

Sometimes, in our attempts to write something unique and attention grabbing, we go a little bit too far. Industry standards about genre, word count, age range, etc. are there for a reason, and anytime you deviate too far from the norm, you make it more challenging for potential readers to find you.

The Genre Bender needs to read THIS and consider a major revision.

If you enjoyed this post, don't forget to read Part 1 for more laughs!

What writer types did I miss? Have you seen any of these keyboard warriors in your own writers’ groups?

P.S. If you're looking for a Facebook group to join, check out Publishing Children's Books: An Author Community! (Unless you are "The Cheapskate.")


Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links to products we enjoy using ourselves. Should you choose to use these links, At Home Author may earn affiliate commissions at no additional cost to you.

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