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Book Inspired Halloween Costumes for Kid Lit Authors

3 book inspired halloween costume ideas for children's book authors

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year, and publishing a Halloween picture book is definitely on my bucket list!

But you don’t have to have a Halloween themed book to get your author groove on this October 31st.

Here are some costume ideas that will allow you to celebrate your love of all things kidlit, no matter what your book is about!

3 Book Inspired Halloween Ideas for Costumes

1. Bring on the book character costumes!

Dress up as your favorite children's book character! This is a common way for schools to kick off reading celebrations, so you’ll find ample inspiration online. (Start with Pinterest!)

Dress up as Amelia Bedelia, Fancy Nancy, Captain Underpants, or even the mouse from “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie!”

Here's a teacher who dressed up as "Charlotte's Web!"

a teacher dressed as Charlotte's Web
Credit Melissa Liefer

And I know this mask on Amazon is supposed to be Donkey from Shrek...but I think it also looks a LOT like everyone's favorite "Wonky Donkey!"

And don't forget...when someone asks who you are, tell them and then add, “Actually, I’m a children’s book author too!” and have your business card handy! You never know where the conversation might take you.

2. Dress up as YOUR main character.

Dressing up as your main character is a great way to promote your books at any book fair or vendor event. For example, Katie Weaver enlists the help of her children who dress up as the dinosaur from her book "When The Sky Roars."

But Halloween also presents the perfect opportunity to dress up as your book character while you hand out candy or wander the neighborhood with your own kids, like Richard Reiman plans to this year. He's dressing up as the wizard from his new book, "The Day The Clouds Went Away."

Richard Reiman - The Day the Clouds Went Away

Carry some flyers or business cards with you and hand them out to anyone who asks, “Who are you supposed to be?” or just pop them into each trick or treater’s bag as you hand out candy. It’s the one night of the year they can’t say “No thanks!” to your marketing efforts. (At least not if they want those Skittles).

3. Dress up as something bookish.

If you’re wanting something a bit more "classy," here are some ideas for costumes that will let the world know you're an author without forcing you to look like a cartoon character.

Dress up as something that's sure to scare your author friends...a blank page.

Grab a white sheet and your laptop, and go as a ghostwriter! (This is probably my favorite book inspired Halloween costume!) 😂

Or if you want something truly could dress up as every author’s worst nightmare…a one-star Amazon review!

What's your favorite book character costume? Share it with us in the comments below! Whether you dress up or not this Halloween, have a safe and spooky holiday!

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